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Profhilo® Frankfurt Wiesbaden

Profhilo ® - radiant freshness and firm skin in 5 minutes

The treatment with PROFHILO ® is short, gentle and hardly noticeable .

At five injection points each side of the face Profhilo is injected in tiny amounts with a very fine needles. Due to its special nature and the special BAP injection technique, PROFHILO ® distributes itself in the tissue. So your entire facial skin benefits from its moisture-binding effect.

The unique composition of PROFHILO ® stimulates the body's own hyaluronic acid production and supports the elastin and collagen formation.

Immediately after the treatment, you can easily return to your usual everyday life.

A treatment consists of two applications at intervals of 4 weeks to produce a visible anti-aging effect.


As part of the AMEC Congress 2015 in Paris, PROFHILO® was awarded prizes! Was PROFHILO® the coveted "Anti-Aging & Beauty Trophy" as the best in the category "Skin enhancement"  product  awarded!