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Tattoo Removal Without Laser Frankfurt Wiesbaden

Laser tattoo removal is now well known to most people. Not infrequently, she is perceived as unpleasant, but still as a necessary evil to completely separate from a no longer desired tattoo. The following alternatives can be conditionally recommended:

The alternatives to the laser

Meanwhile, there are several methods of tattoo removal without a laser. These have different advantages and disadvantages. If you want to say goodbye to your tattoo, you should inform yourself comprehensively about the ways available to you. Only then will you be able to make the best decision - in consultation with your practitioner.

Method 1: Over-tattooing (Cover Up)

Maybe you just have a small, simple tattoo. If you are open to tattoos in spite of your wish to separate, you can opt for a cover-up tattoo. An experienced tattoo artist sets the larger, flashier tattoo on your existing body jewelry. Here it is important to make size and color choice so that nothing remains of the old tattoo visually.

Benefits of Cover Up

- Cost-effective
- Fast
- Perfect for tattoo lovers

Disadvantages of Cover Up

- Great Tattoo as a Result
- No Tattoo Removal!

Method 2: The removal with electricity (diathermy)

The delivery of heat is a method to destroy the dye in the skin. This is possible by the supply of electric current, which heats the skin. The color burns (but this also applies to the surrounding skin cells). During the regeneration of the skin, pigments and skin cells are rejected, so that the tattoo is progressively broken down.

Benefits of diathermy

- Each color removable

Disadvantages of diathermy

- Risk of scarring
- Local anesthesia of the skin required
- Burning of surrounding skin cells
- Pain in the healing process
- No quick result (healing takes months)

Method 3: Skin Abrasion (Dermabrasion)

Skin abrasion is an older method of tattoo removal, but it can be done today with more modern medical means. In this case, the upper layers of the skin (epidermis) are removed and thus also the dye of the tattoo. The removal is done using a milling cutter or a sandblaster.

Benefits of dermabrasion

- Removal of all colors
- No burning or staining of the skin
- Control over the mechanical process by the practitioner

Disadvantages of dermabrasion

- Risk of scarring
- Requirement of local anesthesia of the skin
- Not possible with every tattoo

Method 4: The chemical peeling

In the case of chemical peeling, the skin is treated with the help of a applied substance. For this purpose, for example, concentrated fruit acid is used, which is applied to the skin. Due to the action of the acid, upper skin layers peel off. Since the acid does not penetrate to the skin layer containing the pigments of the tattoo, further treatment is required after peeling the upper skin. The removal of the pigments is done here by a sandblast, by water or by the use of other chemicals.

Advantages of chemical peeling

- Possible with every color

Disadvantages of chemical peeling

- Risk of scarring
- Requires local anesthesia of the skin
- Subsequent longer healing process
- Damage of surrounding skin layers