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Professional Tooth Cleaning Frankfurt Wiesbaden


No matter how often you brush your teeth, you will never be able to remove all deposits. Because some places you reach only with difficulty with the brush or the floss. These include the wisdom and molars, but also gum pockets and parts of the interdental spaces. At these spots accumulates, which hardens over time to tartar, whether you clean or not.

Especially at the gum edge, the glibbrige, pasty substance collects. The mass consists of digested food leftovers and millions of microorganisms that take up the remains. The mass hardens into tartar. Coffee, tea or tobacco smoke can also dye the deposits brownish - then it looks even more unappetizing. Dental plaque and tartar are not only unaesthetic, much worse is: they cause

Gingivitis and

For this reason you should have a professional tooth cleaning twice - but at least once a year. By means of ultrasound the tartar is loosened and blasted off. Mini sandblasters remove paint residue from coffee, tea or tobacco. In addition, dirt is scraped out of the gum pockets using special hand instruments. Then the enamel is strengthened and the teeth are sealed using polish and flouride gel. After about an hour, your teeth are shiny, shiny and smooth.