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Dental Bleaching System Frankfurt Wiesbaden

takes place in 5 steps:
  • consultation
  • abridged
  • teeth cleaning
  • bleaching
  • fluoridation
1. Consulting:

At the beginning, the "shop-bleaching customer" receives an enlightening conversation.
Benefits and risks are explained and the wishes of the customer are discussed.

2nd short report:

Our scientifically trained staff inspect
your teeth and pay special attention to teeth that may not achieve any results when bleaching or even respond to pain. We check that the dentition is free of caries and that there are no dental diseases such as bleeding gums or periodontal pockets. Existing caries is documented and illustrated to the customer.
Your tooth color is determined and photographed.

3. Teeth cleaning:

In this case, the teeth are freed from disturbing, discoloring coverings by means of hand instruments and ultrasound. Adhesive plaque is removed so that the surface is freely accessible to the whitening gel. Already after this tooth cleaning a clear aesthetic change is visible in most cases.

4. Bleaching:

The patient gets a cheek retractor around his lips so that the mouth remains relaxed.
The gums are covered with a special mask so that no acidic gel can reach the gums. The whitening gel is applied to the teeth to be treated and activated by means of a special UV lamp.
In a special cosmetic procedure, the natural teeth are lightened by the active oxygen gently by up to eight Farbnuanzen.
The oxygen destroys the disturbing color pigments and their traces on the tooth. There is no damage to the enamel and the dentin.

5. Fluoridation:

Finally, a fluoridation against possible sensitivity to cold occurs.