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Prices Pico Laser Tattoo Removal | Frankfurt Wiesbaden

Price list valid for laser treatments, the consultation in the Medical and Laser Centre is always free of charge.

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In addition to the best quality, you will also get the best price from us. If you still find a cheaper offer for your treatment, you will of course get it from us at this price.

The doctors and laser team in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden have set themselves the goal of providing you with maximum satisfaction. In the first place are you! Therefore, if you should find a cheaper offer, we will contact you at the same price with the same market-leading treatment quality.

Laser Package price 6 containers * Pico/Nano single treatment Pico/nano Online appointments
Consulting fee 30,00 € (will be credited)
Small tattoo (Tattoo Laser) 3x3cm = 9 cm² 89,00 € 99,00 €
Small tattoo (PicoWay Laser) 3x3cm = 9 cm² 178,00 € 199,00 €
Middle Tattoo (Tattoo Laser) 5x5cm = 25cm² 139,00 € 149,00 €
Middle Tattoo (Picoway Laser) 5x5cm = 25cm² 268,00 € 299,00 €
Large Tattoo (Tattoo Laser) 10x10cm = 100cm² 170,00 € 189,00 €
Large Tattoo (PicoWay Laser) 10x10cm = 100cm² 340,00 € 378,00 €
Tattoo (e.g. rump, antlers)(Tattoo Laser) 15x15cm = 225cm² 224,00 € 249,00 €
Tattoo (e.g. rump, antlers)(PicoWay Laser) 15x15cm = 225cm² 448,00 € 498,00 €
Tattoo Eyebrows 119,00 € 129,00 €

* You will receive this price with 6 treatments.

You will receive this price if you purchase 6 treatments. This corresponds to 10% on the basic price. If you find cheaper treatments from our competitors, which we also offer, we are of course ready to offer the treatments at this price. It is very important to us that you continue to develop our customer relationship at the highest level to the benefit of your satisfaction. Therefore we are grateful for any suggestions for improvement regarding our locations in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. Let us know what you liked and what can be optimized to make your laser tattoo removal as satisfying as possible.