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Dr. med. Steinhoff

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Dr. Med. Steinhoff was born on 20.10.1954 in Frankfurt. He began his medical studies in 1974 and continued his medical training after the state examination in 1981 with specialist training in dermatology and venerology at the Frankfurt University Hospital. Following his specialist training in 1985, Dr. Steinhoff began his independent medical practice in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. In addition to general dermatological care, the main focus of his work is on allergological, andrological, phlebological and proctological diagnostics
This was followed 10 years ago by the special further training and qualification for the additional title "environmental medicine". Within the scope of dermatological questions he prepared numerous expert opinions for the pension insurance institutions, the professional associations and for the employment office.

Dr. Med. Steinhoff offers the following diagnostic and therapeutic services in addition to the classic dermatological-allergological diagnostics and therapy:

  • Allergology

Allergology includes the study of allergic and non-allergic intolerance reactions.

  • Andrology

Sub-discipline of dermatology, which deals with male fertility disorders.

  • Skin tumour operations

Surgical removal of suspicious, benign and malignant tumors is one of the daily procedures performed in my practice.

  • Medical cosmetics

The physical-manual treatment ("acne toilet") belongs to the main field of medical cosmetics including epilations, selective phototherapy.

  • Mycology 

Fungal diseases of the skin and mucous membranes are part of classical, clinical dermatology. For this reason, the dermatologist is constantly involved in mycology in his daily routine.

  • Phlebology

Phlebology treats the diseases of the veins.

  • Proctology 

Proctology is the science of diseases of the rectum.

  • Trichology 

Hair diseases, hair root examinations.

  • Venereology

Venerological diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Laser Therapies

We carry out various laser treatments.

Preventive medical checkups of pigment nevi and suspected skin malformations (dermatoscopy)

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