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Lymph drainage | Frankfurt Wiesbaden

In order to remove the dissolved colour particles faster, we offer a lymph drainage for tattoo removal.

For this treatment you pull cuffs with air chambers around the legs, arms or abdomen. As soon as the device is switched on, pressure waves are generated which rhythmically massage your body and thus stimulate the lymphatic system. You lie comfortably on a couch for half an hour and can relax, dream, listen to music or read something. The treatment is completely painless.

What exactly is lymphatic drainage?

Manual lymph drainage is a technique originally performed by hand to remove excess lymph fluid from parts of the body. The aim is to stimulate the lymph nodes, which should improve the drainage. Originally, manual lymph drainage was only used for people with severe diseases of the lymph vessel system or after serious operations. In the meantime, MLD is also increasingly used for cosmetic purposes and in wellness.

How is lymph drainage carried out?

Lymphatic drainage was originally carried out exclusively manually with the hands and is reserved for medical professionals such as physiotherapists and masseurs. In the meantime, modern technology and the science of recent years have succeeded in developing technical products that allow for a mechanical procedure. The lymph nodes are stimulated before and during the lymphatic drainage by means of intermittent, undulating movements of the machine. The lymph fluid is then pumped up and the pressure chambers are moved upwards. This is done from the feet up to the hips, where large lymph nodes are located.

Where does the lymph fluid go?

The fluid is excreted through the kidneys, the bladder and partly through the skin, which the client usually does not notice at all.

Who is eligible for lymph?

Basically everyone. However, there are restrictions that have to be observed: patients with malignant tumours, acute heart disease, open wounds and erysipelas, and feverish bacterial and viral infections may not be treated. Lymph drainage could otherwise drive pathological germs in the body or lead to cardiac overload in acute heart disease. It should also not be used on fresh fractures.

How long is the lymphatic treatment?

Lymph drainage by machine takes 30 minutes. The customer lies on a soft and comfortable couch in one of the treatment rooms. During this time customers can relax and unwind. How about a nice book or good music?

Does a lymph drainage hurt?

No, many customers report that mechanical lymph drainage is a very pleasant method and that the pressure is hardly noticeable.

Do I notice anything after the treatment?

The great thing about lymphatic drainage is that the lymph vessel system is still activated for several hours after a treatment and removes more lymph fluid. The effect is impressive!

I had a tattoo removed, will lymph drainage help me?

When a tattoo is removed, it is not uncommon for a soft tissue swelling to occur, which often disturbs the client. As soon as the acute inflammation phase is over, lymph drainage can help to remove the excess tissue fluid. It can also help to reduce tissue swelling after a fresh tattoo has been pierced.