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Treatment Procedure

Visual representation of the IPL treatment procedure, laser sessions differ in the way the treatment is performed.

Procedure Frankfurt Wiesbaden
1) Consultation

The consultation in the medical and laser center is always free and without any obligation to perform a treatment process. There are no costs for the consultation. Only if we can completely convince you, come to us for treatment. We also do not bind our patients and customers through contracts or other agreements.

2) Preparation

At least two weeks before the process , the skin should be protected from direct sunlight (or solarium). If sunlight is unavoidable, a good sunscreen (SPF 50+) should be used. It is also important that the hair is not removed by waxing or plucking at this time. Shaving the body is possible at any time before and after treatment. If the face is treated, all make-up must be removed from the treatment area.  The treatment area is marked with a pen to set the treatment limit.

Procedure Frankfurt Wiesbaden
Procedure Frankfurt Wiesbaden
3) Shave

Before treatment, the treatment area should be hair-free. Please shave at these places about 24 hours before with a wet shaver. In exceptional cases, the doctor or the medical technical assistant can shave the area and remove the shaved hair just before the treatment.

4) IPL treatment

For IPL treatment, apply a thin layer of Ellipse gel to the entire treatment area. The latter also ensures good contact between the applicator and the skin, thus improving the effect of the treatment. In addition, the gel cools the Skin.Laser treatment:
When alexandrite
 applying a gel is completely eliminated due to the built-patented cooling mechanism. Only the treatment area must be drawn.

Procedure Frankfurt Wiesbaden
Procedure Frankfurt Wiesbaden
5) Eye Protection

All persons in the treatment room should wear eye protection glasses throughout the treatment session.

6) Attitude

The doctor or the medical technical assistant chooses the skin type of the patient, the pigmentation and the hair thickness. The ellipse system automatically calculates the settings for the treatment.

Procedure Frankfurt Wiesbaden
Procedure Frankfurt Wiesbaden
7) Treatment

The doctor or assistant may begin treatment. After a few shots, the skin reaction is checked and, if necessary, the treatment setting adjusted. The patient normally only feels a very short sting, followed by a short period during which the skin feels warm.

8) Completion

At the end of the treatment, residues of the marking pen are removed. Within two weeks after the treatment, the treated area of the skin must be protected from direct sunlight, possibly with a sunscreen (SPF 50+).

Procedure Frankfurt Wiesbaden