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Laser hair removal vs. laser hair removal IPL Hair Removal

Both laser and IPL hair can be permanently removed. However, in the professional field, the laser is used alone, as it is both more effective and also more accurately hits the hair. Medical Technology Laser.

How does IPL hair removal work?

The IPL hair removal works on a similar principle as the laser method, because here too, heat energy is generated in the light is converted. In contrast to the laser method, however, it comes to the use of multiple light spectra which allows a larger area to be treated. In IPL hair removal, the flash lamp is used, which provides the necessary heat to soil the hair roots. After about three to a maximum of twenty days, the treated hair falls out.

Important: IPL is effective only while the hair is in the growth phase. Since a maximum of one third of all body hair is in this phase at the same time, it is essential that an IPL application is performed several times. Depending on the hair and skin type, as well as the body region to be treated about eight applications are necessary. In between there must be a gap of several weeks for the treatment to be effective.

What are the disadvantages of IPL hair removal?

IPL hair removal has the same problems as all other hair removal methods based on light. Treating people with dark skin or light hair will be difficult. To sclerotherapy of the hair root it comes in this technique in which the melanin is heated. However, since there is minimal to no melanin in gray, red, white and extremely blonde hair, IPL hair treatment becomes difficult.

What are the risks associated with hair removal?

Redness is not uncommon during laser and IPL hair removal. In addition, it can lead to the emergence of small crusts. These disappear after a short time but by themselves. Dark-skinned people are at risk of pigmentation. The colored skin change usually disappears again by itself.

Tip: Before laser or IPL hair removal, it is imperative that the skin areas to be treated are previously examined by a dermatologist to rule out skin cancer. If it is predisposed or skin cancer is present in the first stages, cell growth is stimulated by IPL as well as laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal at the Doctors Laser Center

The medical and laser center has state-of-the-art medical equipment for permanent hair removal. The technical equipment is suitable to treat a wide variety of skin and hair types. So one of the key benefits of our center is that, unlike competitors, we have not just one technology, but different lasers as well as IPL devices.

All medical devices are replaced on average every two years by the latest state-of-the-art technical developments. Last but not least, the doctors in our house, whose expertise in the equipment and application of the device flows. Our devices are also found in large hospitals such as the university hospitals in Frankfurt, Regensburg and Munich.

Skin laser treatment is a timely solution to both remove hair and remove tattoos.

IPL vs. Laser hair removal

The difference between laser and IPL, which by the way is referred to in the long form as Intensed Pulsed Light, is the type of light. The IPL emits a very broad spectrum of light with a wavelength of between 450 and 600 nm, depending on the device. In lasering, on the other hand, only one wavelength of light is emitted, which can be absorbed by the melanin of the skin. This wavelength is at 755 nm, 808 nm or at darker skin also at 1064 nm.

The difference between the two variants lies in the fact that the laser beams reach the melanin very specifically, while the IPL rays also heat the surrounding skin.

The results of the IPL technique are highly dependent on skin pigmentation and the intensity of pigmentation of the skin. Complete results with the IPL technique are depending on the person and the body region with a total of 30 treatments - with the laser, this result is already achievable with 8-10 treatments.

Another important difference between lasering and IPL treatment is that the laser beam penetrates significantly deeper into the skin. The light generated by the IPL device can not penetrate deep into the skin by far.

While laser devices may only be used by certified medical facilities and (dermatological) medical practices, IPL (FPL, CPL) devices can be operated by almost anyone, including cosmetologists. Professional lasers have another advantage because of the higher penetration into the skin. You can grab the hair directly at the root and thus ensure a longer-lasting hair removal .

wavelength pulse duration
alexandrite 755 nm 5-100 ms
I²PL 700-950 nm 0.5-88.5 ms

In the latest-generation Intensed Pulsed Light Ellipse System, I²PL for short, similar to the laser method, high-energy light is projected onto the skin. In contrast to the laser method, I²PL uses wavelength spectra of the light. To achieve optimal light transmission, a thin gel layer is applied to the skin before treatment. Intensified, pulsed light is directed via an applicator into the body surface to be depilated. Controlled light pulses penetrate the upper skin layer and are transported via the melanin of the hair to the follicle. The melanin converts the light energy into heat, which desolates the hair follicle and the hair bulge. In particular, the sclerotherapy of the hair is important because it can otherwise form a new hair follicle.

Ipl And Laser Frankfurt Wiesbaden
Laser hair removal

Technical progress makes it possible. Laser hair removal is not only the most advanced and advanced method of permanent hair removal, but also safer than ever.

No other method achieves better results. The medical and laser center, together with the in-house Laderma brand, has more than 10 years of experience in using laser technology for permanent hair removal.

The alexandrite laser is the result of many years of research. For hair removal, the alexandrite laser has proven to be very effective. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has therefore awarded this laser the title "approved for permanent epilation".

The alexandrite laser produces concentrated light of a specific wavelength (755 nm). This light is converted into heat the moment it reaches the skin. The melanin contained in particular in dark hair acts as a light guide.

The temperature reaches more than 68 ° Celsius, which permanently destroys the hair cells and hair follicles.

The alexandrite laser at a glance:

  • The integrated cooling system (DCD - Dynamic Cool Device) eliminates the unpleasant application of a gel to many patients.
  • The alexandrite laser is suitable for all skin types according to the manufacturer, because it has a dynamic cooling and an adjustable pulse duration.
  • The wavelength is 755 nm. Due to the high penetration depth, especially deep-lying hair can be successfully treated.
  • The pulse duration can be extended up to 100 ms, which also improves the treatment of darker skin types.
  • The spot area of the laser is up to 24 mm, which allows a quick treatment.

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