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Technical progress makes it possible. Not only is laser hair removal the most advanced and  advanced method of permanent hair removal , it's also safer than ever.

No other method achieves better results. The medical and laser center, together with the in-house Laderma brand, has more than 10 years of experience in using laser technology for permanent hair removal.

Treatment and hair cycle

The treatment method and the number of treatments depend on the individual skin and hair type, the growth cycle of the hair and the skin area to be treated. In each hair follicle, phases of growth, transition and failure alternate in a cyclical sequence. These processes are referred to as a hair cycle. Only part of the hair is visible (growth phase) and protrudes out of the skin (epidermis), the other part is in the skin (resting phase). From a purely biological point of view, there are about 6 to 8 hair cycles in every human being. The rule is that hair roots that are once desolate usually produce no or only weakly defined hairs.

Sessions of a hair removal

Due to the different growth cycles, sessions take place 4 weeks apart for facials and 6 weeks for body hair. As the number of sessions increases, the interval between treatments increases as there is less hair after each session. It is strongly recommended to follow the given distances, otherwise the optimal growth phase will be missed and a good result can not be guaranteed.

face body hair
1.-2. treatment 4 weeks 6 weeks
3rd 4th treatment 5 weeks 7 weeks
5th 6th treatment 5 weeks 7 weeks
7-eighth treatment 6 weeks 7 weeks

Treatment of permanent hair removal

Laser light reacts to the melanin (dye) in the hair and skin. If possible, dark hair (high percentage of melanin) and the lightest possible skin are optimal for the treatment. Since the skin also contains melanin and this is activated by the sun's rays (also solariums), we recommend to protect the skin region to be treated, especially immediately before and after a treatment from the sun, for example by using sunscreen creams 30+. A possible tan of the skin should have subsided before treatment.

Risks of hair removal

The treatment does not require anesthesia because only minor pain similar to a short sting occurs. Redness may develop after treatment. Also, it can very rarely lead to allergic reactions such as erythema and folic edema. All skin reactions - including allergic - usually disappear after hours or a few days.

By  laser hair removal  , the hair root cells are specifically prevented from forming new hair. However, this process counteracts the regeneration of skin and hair root cells of the body. This "repair process" of the human body is different in different people and can ensure that regrow hair even after treatment.

In addition, it may come due to hormonal fluctuations to new and increased hair growth, for example, during menopause / pregnancy.

Blonde, gray as well as downy and thin hair are more difficult to remove as the amount of melanin is too low. 

If you are unsure whether a hair removal for your hair or your skin comes into question, you will get a free sample treatment at a selected location. As an alternative to laser hair removal, we recommend the IPL method, which we also offer in our medical center.

More and more women are choosing permanent hair removal, whose methods are becoming more and more advanced and efficient. The issue of body hair has become a matter of aesthetics in the 21st century, as hair under the armpits or legs is generally considered to be of little aesthetic value. Frequent shaving is not only time consuming, it also strains the skin. If the hair root is not removed or sclerosed, the hair grows continuously. After three to four days, the first hair is visible again. Opt for permanent laser hair removal or the  IPL method because no other technique gives better results.