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Wrinkles And Scars Frankfurt Wiesbaden


  • 3 - 5 sessions at intervals of 2 - 4 weeks
  • optimal result after 4 - 5 months


  • Two weeks before and after the treatment should be dispensed with irritating measures, including vitamin A or C-containing creams, scrubs, Microdermoabrasion o. Ä.
  • Persons prone to cold sores (herpes) should start with prophylactic therapy (Valtrex Tbl.) One day before treatment. This will continue for four days.
  • Sufficient hydration and skin care are important.
  • One hour before the laser treatment, the skin is cleaned and a cream applied with a local anesthetic. (If you have an allergy to local anesthetics, please notify us in advance).
  • Immediately before the laser treatment, a blue dye is applied to the skin, which is washed off after the treatment.


  • After washing off the dye, a moisturizer is applied.
  • Cooling is advisable.
  • To prevent swelling, you should sleep on the first night with a slightly raised head.
  • The short-term administration of decongestants may be useful.
  • Within the first week you should apply a moisturizer several times a day (at least 3x).
  • Make-up can be used again on the first day after treatment (no powder).