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hair removal

Technical progress makes it possible. Not only is laser hair removal the most advanced and advanced method of permanent hair removal, it's also safer than ever.

Tattoo removal

To understand how laser tattoo removal works, it should be kept in mind that the color pigments are stung directly into the skin using a very fine so-called tattoo needle.

Wrinkle Injections

You want to turn back time by a few years? You want a young, fresh and well-groomed appearance and do not want to define your age with a few wrinkles on the face or décolleté? Nobody can absolve themselves of judging the appearance of a person or to draw conclusions consciously and unconsciously. The exterior decides on sympathy, success and well-being.

Anti Aging

We operate anti-aging by laser. There are different systems available for different indications: Fraxel SHR Mosaic Fractional Laser Candela CO2RE Fractional Laser Micro Needle Radio Frequency Therapy Laser (Microneedle Laser) There are of course many other, especially natural, preventive methods to keep the skin young ,