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Wrinkle Injection With Hyaluron

Our skin loses its elasticity with age. This is due to the loss of the skin component hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous substance that is naturally abundant in the skin. As you age, however, the acidity decreases more and more. For example, at the age of 40, the skin already contains only about 60 percent of the original amount of hyaluronic acid, and consequently becomes drier and wrinkled.

Conversely, wrinkling can be counteracted by artificially reintroducing the lost hyaluronic acid to the body - by injection or laser-assisted massage. All areas of skin such as the face, neck, décolleté, chest and thighs can be treated.

The production of the acid takes place on a biotechnological path or naturally from cockscomb.

Look fresher and more refreshed thanks to a gentle and evaluate method: a wrinkle injection with hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic Acid is our inner cushion, which gives the skin its taut and fresh appearance. At a young age, the skin is rich in moisture and elasticity. But over the years, this supply of hyaluronic acid is reduced. The skin loses more and more elasticity and first wrinkles around the mouth, forehead and nose form.
The gentle minimization of wrinkles

Wrinkles are also a sign of joie de vivre, such as laugh lines, but they can also be an unwanted drawing of negative emotions. Wrinkles make a face look aggressive and age for decades. A gentle but effective alternative to the scalpel is an application with hyaluronic acid in our practice. Especially people who are professionally in the public eye, appreciate this gentle treatment that makes your skin shine again!

The discovery of hyaluronic acid

With the discovery of hyaluronic acid in the 1980s, researchers for the first time succeeded in artificially producing this endogenous substance. With the addition of creams or as a serum hyaluronic acid has given a fresh look since the women. The effect is due to the property of hyaluronic acid, which binds water to itself. However, with only a short effect. The cream does not manage to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Our team of doctors therefore injects hyaluronic acid directly where it can work best: in the lower layers of the skin. Here, the active ingredient can cushion the skin from the inside. In contrast to the duration of action of a cream, wrinkle injection shows a significantly longer effect.

Possible allergies?

A synthetically produced hyaluronic acid no longer consists of animal substances but of plant substances.
As a result, no animal protein can trigger allergies. Therefore, hyaluronic acid is usually also suitable for sensitive skin, which is clarified in a personal consultation before treatment.

How many treatments are needed to get the best results from wrinkle injection with hyaluronic acid?

Depending on the depth of the wrinkles and texture of the skin, patients need two to three sessions. Can treat individual wrinkles or even the entire face, including décolleté and neck. To get the desired result, the application should be repeated after about half a year. Even after many applications, patients can opt for wrinkle injection again because hyaluronic acid leaves no lasting traces.

A natural result

Anyone who longs for a naturally tightened skin, after an application with hyaluronic acid will be satisfied. It gives you back its youthful appearance, without it could seem artificial or even rigid. All muscles remain vital after hyaluronic acid wrinkle injection and your facial expression will not be restricted. The depot of your skin is full of moisture again, so that dryness wrinkles are visibly reduced. Even striking wrinkles that characterize your facial expression are gently padded.

At a follow-up appointment with us in practice, the treatment is reviewed again and, if necessary, treated. In one treatment, only as much hyaluronic acid is used as is necessary to achieve an optimal result. Bumps can not arise. An application with hyaluronic acid is associated with little time and extremely low risk. The result is a natural-looking, smooth skin in which you feel good!