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For which parts of the body is Aqualyx ® particularly suitable?

Frequently asked questions Aqualyx

Particularly ideal are regions with soft body fat on the stomach, on the face (double chin, hocks), thighs, knees inside and hip / waist.

Do the dissolved fat pads disappear permanently? How long do the results last?

Once dissolved, fat cells do not reform again according to the current state of knowledge. This makes it possible to permanently reduce fat deposits. If your weight does not change, the results will remain constant.

What is the special advantage?

A permanent reduction of fat deposits, especially in places that can not be specifically reduced by diets or sports. The treatment is gentle, low-risk and fast to perform. No elaborate pre- and post-treatments are necessary. Similarly, there are no limitations on the ability to work, except in the treatment of facial areas.

How do I decide whether intralipotherapy or liposuction makes more sense for me?

For a long time, liposuction was the only way to specifically remove fat accumulation. With the help of intralipotherapy, it is now possible to gently remove flab with minimal effort. The main difference is that intralipotherapy is a non-surgical treatment, while liposuction requires surgical intervention. During liposuction, the fat disappears in no time. The intralipotherapy allows a slower change in the body contour and thus your own self-image within a few months. Intralipotherapy is also an ideal adjunctive treatment after liposuction to remove excess adipose tissue and tighten the surrounding skin.

How many treatments are needed?

As a rule, 3-4 applications are sufficient at 3-4 weeks intervals.

Is the treatment painful?

Since there are few nerve fibers in the subcutaneous tissue, the injections are not painful. The puncture is felt briefly and then feels a slight itch / subtle burning.

Does the health insurance cover the costs?

The health insurance companies assume no costs for purely aesthetic therapies.

What risks are there?

Swelling and sensitivity to pressure as well as redness and / or itching may occur immediately after the therapy, which may last for about 2 to 4 days. About 3 days you have to do without massage, sauna and sport. In rare cases, hardening may occur, but disappear after 2-6 weeks by itself. Overall, this procedure is classified as side effects.

For whom is the treatment with the fat-way syringe / intralipotherapy not suitable?

Injection lipolysis may not be suitable for use in minors or children, in pregnant women and nursing mothers, and in some rare, severe diseases.

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Frequently asked questions Aqualyx