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Dermatology and Anti Aging


Most of the wrinkles and fine lines that develop up to 80% are due to the sun. Especially the harmful UV rays, which penetrate deep into our connective tissue, cause the skin to sag faster. The laser treatment with the Fraxel laser (fractional laser) or the microneedle therapy stimulates the skin to produce collagen and thus replaces dead skin cells with new cells.

Anti Aging

1st place: UV protection

We owe most wrinkles and lines, up to 80% to be precise, to the sun.  Especially the harmful UV rays, which penetrate deep into our connective tissue, make the skin flabby. Laser treatment using Fraxel (fractional) laser or microneedle therapy stimulates the skin to produce collagen and thus replace dead skin cells with new cells.

2nd place: skin care

A smoother skin is the result of those who regularly care for their skin. Dry skin, for example, often reacts to poor hydration with small wrinkles running all over the face. Creams containing glycerine, hyaluronic acid or urea can help. They bind the water and regenerate the skin from within.

3rd place: No smoking

Only with one pull you inhale many toxins that are harmful to the body. Nicotine causes cancer and also causes the skin to age prematurely. Smoking also causes narrowing of the blood vessels, which affects the oxygen supply to the tissues.

4th place: Little alcohol

Regular consumption of alcohol is also responsible for skin aging. Alcohol withdraws water from the body and thus also from the skin. Frequent consumption of alcohol can even cause skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis and rosacea.

Place 5: Sleeping

Sufficient sleep is very important to keep the body young. 7 to 8 hours per night are ideal. This is because the cells regenerate faster in sleep than in the waking state. In addition, the immune system is strengthened, the hair grows and the skin renews itself.

6th place: Healthy nutrition

Some foods possess true anti-aging powers, e.g. fish, linseed oil, rapeseed oil, walnut oil, nuts, fruit, vegetables, unsweetened fruit juices or spices such as curcuma, sage, ginger and rosemary. Foods that are not so good for the skin are e.g. pork, generally fatty meat, sausage, white flour products, cakes, sweets, lemonades, candied fruit.

Place 7: Sport, but not too much

Endurance training is part of the anti-aging program. But you shouldn't overdo it with sports, because if you do sports intensively, you boost your metabolism enormously and thus cause even more oxygen radicals which cause the body to age.

Place 8: Drink enough liquid

Everyone should drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day if possible. About one more litre each person takes in through food. Green tea has a particularly strong antioxidant effect and can slow down free radicals.

9th place: No sugar

Too much sugar is also harmful. The sugar cross-links the protein in the body to form stiff structures, which make the tissue inelastic. As a result, the skin gets wrinkles earlier.

10th place: Reduce stress

Gehetzte Workaholics altern schneller als andere. Das Zauberwort nennt sich Stressbewältigung. Wie es am Besten funktioniert sollte jeder selbst herausfinden, ob mit Yoga, autogenem Training oder Meditation. Doch das einfachste Rezept gegen  Stress ist: Immer wenn Gelegenheit ist, möglichst das tun, was einem  Spaß macht. Je mehr man nämlich auf seine Bedürfnisse hört, umso weniger fühlt man sich überfordert und man altert auch nicht so schnell.

Of course there are other anti aging methods.