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Clinic for Skin, Hair and Teeth

Our experienced health care professionals and our doctors are right for your partner when it comes to

Laser-Hair Removal  
Laser-Tattoo Removal
Injection Lipolysis
Wrinkle Filling
Wrinkle- and Scars Treatment

using different applications and methods to treat your skin and hair and teeths.

For an attractive appearance and aesthetic appearance hair, skin and teeth are the most obvious characteristics. Aesthetic dental care is offered, together with our cooperation partner of the  DentAL-Zahnarztpraxis directly in our clinic. These include teeth whitening, professional tooth cleaning and transparent braces for adults.

Our Doctors and Laser Center is a leader in the field of medical cosmetics. In co-operation with our medical team we offer both medical and aesthetic treatments. Our wide range of treatments includes the brands Laderma® and DentAL®. This includes laser applications as well as wrinkles filling, teeth whitening and anti-aging.

medizintechnikMedical Technologie – Laser und IPL

Our Doctors and Laser Center has the most modern medical equipment for the treatment with laser. The technical equipment is suitable to treat different skin and hair types. It is a main advantage of our center, in contrast to our competitors, that we use not only a single technology but a variety of medical devices, especially of laser and IPL devices.

All medical devices are replaced every two years on average by the latest and the most advanced technical developments. Guaranteed not least by the doctors in our clinic, where expertise in equipment and application flows into the devices. As a result our devices are also used in large hospitals such as the university hospitals in Frankfurt, Regensburg and Munich.

Not least is the use of laser equipment strictly regulated by law, making these exclusively to doctors and medical centers are reserved.

Patented Cooling System

We mainly use a patented cooling system (cryogen® Spray) for hair removal. With every pulse of the Alexandrite and the YAG Laser the skin is cooled immediately. This in time “shock cooling”.

Smiling doctor waiting for his team while standing uprightDoctors and medical stuff

Our medically trained staff is at your disposal for questions about laser treatments like hair and tattoo removal, wrinkle treatment with Hyaluron. In addition our doctors will be glad to help you with their expertise in medical questions about your skin, hair and teeth.

Legal reqirements for the use of lasers

The requirements legislators provide in the use of lasers are high. Our entire medical staff is certified to the laser protection category 4. This includes in addition to the medical education also a physical training in laser technology and laser expertise.